GIS.FCU attended the GEO XIV Plenary in Washington D.C.

During 23 th to 27th this Oct., Dr.How represented GIS.FCU to attend the 14th GEO Plenary in Washington D.C., accompanied with Dr.Lin from National Center for High Performance Computing(NCHC) and Dr.Chiou from Taiwan Forestry Research Institute. There were more than 700 representatives and delegates from 105 countries and 150 international organizations. Various topics related to global observation and the perspective and contribution from Taiwan had been discussed, including water resource management, flood management, forestry resource and disaster management, OpenDataCube applications. Some networks with OGC, CEOS, GeoScience, and International Flood Initiative has been connected as well during this event!

GEO is a unique global network connecting government institutions, academic and research institutions, data providers, businesses, engineers, scientists and experts to create innovative solutions to global challenges at a time of exponential data growth, human development and climate change that transcend national and disciplinary boundaries. The unprecedented global collaboration of experts helps identify gaps and reduce duplication in the areas of sustainable development and sound environmental management.

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GEO secretariat director Barbara Ryan was opening the exhibition.

The host from US government and 3 other cochair from China, South Africa, European and GEO Secretariat was welcoming all participants.

Dr.Lin from NCHC was discussing global observation and the role of high performance center.

Dr.Yang from Department of Agriculture, U.S.

George from OGC and Dr.Lin were discussing the Data Cube and big data analysis.

GEOGLOW session became the hottest due to climate change and water scarcity and pollution.

Introduction and hands-on seesion for OpenDataCube that hosted by Australia.

CEOS and NASA opendatacube technician.

Dr.How invited Barbara Ryan to attend a international conference next year.