2017 105th OGC TC/PC Meeting in New Zealand

The 105th OGC TC/PC Meeting was held in New Zealand during 4th to 7th Dec. 2017, Prof. Jimmy and Dr. How attended the event as representative of principle member. During this event, Prof. Jimmy presented “the GeoAI development and policy in Taiwan” in GeoAI ad-hoc meeting, “Application on Disaster Prevention in Taiwan and Vietnam”in Emergency Disaster Management DWG; Dr. How provided a joint presentation with OGC staff Gobe to report “the semantic implementation fromTestbed-13”in GeoSemantic DWG. In addition to that, a potential domain working group for the application on artificial intelligence was also initiated by AIST, Japan during the meeting, GISFCU has committed to contribute efforts on drafting the charter of GeoAI DWG in following months.

This OGC TC/PC meeting is the last OGC event in 2017. A lots Engineering Reports(ER) were pending and seeking for member to second after a brief presentation. The results cover various themes, including next generation OGC services, Vector Tiles, Linked Data and semantic, Artificial Intelligent and Big Data, 3D Model, and Aviation application and technology. There were two ERs(Async. Service edited by 52North and SRIM/DCAT implementation edited by Envitia) that GISFCU had been involved the implementation passing the peer validation and moving to next process for publishing.

Prof. Jimmy(Right), Dr.How(Left) and ELF Greg at registration desk.

AI for Geospatial ad-hoc meeting, Prof. Jimmy was presenting the GeoAI development and policy in Taiwan.

Prof. Jimmy is the co-chair of EDM, he was presenting the disaster prevention application in Taiwan and Vietnam.

Dr. How was presenting the implementation experience on using SRIM data model to generate USGS metadata as Linked data.

There was a joint side event “Environmental Data Summit”in the third day of TC meeting, Many topics like Data standards, open data and environmental data application had been discussing during the side event.

GIS.FCU was interviewed by a local TV station, talking about OGC in real world application.

Local company demonstrated the application and UAV devices.

GIS.FCU had great time with Dr.Kim(AIST)、Akinori(Hitachi)及Don Sullivan(NASA)

OGC president Mark was welcoming all participant in Opening Plenary.