107th OGC Technical Committees - GIS.FCU Shines Again on the International Geospatial Information Stage

OGC(Open Geospatial Consortium) is the largest and most famous organization in the geospatial information standards community. The standards released in recent years have also been widely used by the industry. The four times a year technical committee explores more technical details and gathers experts from various international fields at Colorado State University to hold a five-day intensive discussion session from the fourth to the eighth of this month. The team led by Director Jimmy Chou of the Center also published Taiwan's experience in different fields such as EDM, Big Data, Agriculture, SensorThings API, GeoAI, and Smart Cities. GIS.FCU has excellent project experience and achievements in various government agencies in the past two decades, and has also had a number of transnational international project experiences abroad. Not only to service delivery of domestic units, but also to bring Taiwan experience to the world through the OGC international organization. Director Jimmy Chou currently serves as Asia Forum Chairman of OGC, co-host of EDM Standard Working Group and University Domain Working Group. He is also actively involved in the preparation of GeoAI Working Group and continues to shine in the AI domain of OGC.

Director Jimmy Chou shared the experience of establishing Data Cube at the National Center for High-performance Computing in Taiwan in Big Data Domain Working Group.

Deputy Division Manager Hao published the results of monitoring the river using image depth learning in the GeoAI session.

Technical Director Jeffrey Chien published the practical application of the monitoring public network in the SensorThings API Standard Working Group.

Chief Engineer Will Kuan shared the use of data standards in the Agricultural Domain Working Group to solve the resource allocation problem of rural regeneration.

Director of GIS.FCU Jimmy Chou and others, Planning and Promotion Team Leader of National Center for High-performance Computing Lin, participated in the OGC technical committee.