GIS.FCU incubator company "EasyMap Digital Technology Inc." made them conspicuous at the Security Essen in 2018

On-the-spot interview with BBC Broadcast UK

       GIS.FCU incubator company "EasyMap Digital Technology Inc." independently developed the product called EM'FFECT which has UAV near-force defense system and participated in the largest safety fire equipment exhibition in Essen, Germany.

       The exhibition was hosted by the Messe Essen Exhibition Company. Since 1974, it has been held every two years and has been successfully held over 21st sessions.

       The No. 1 for more than 40 years. Security Essen is the world's most important trade fair for security. The world market for security is booming – it is presenting itself with all its facets in Essen. From fire prevention and cyber security and CCTV to the protection of outdoor areas: experts, decision-makers and buyers from this industry will be meeting in Essen. At top international level with the latest trends and the most important innovations. The importance of international security and social public safety has paid more attention in recent years. These have become inevitable issues to achieve national social security and stability through the high-tech products and technologies.

       The center group "EasyMap Digital Technology Inc." demonstrated a full range of UAV detection and defense solutions, including UAV detection system and UAV defense system, which can effectively solve illegal drones within 2 km and became the hottest booth in Taiwanese participating area. In addition, such a great honor to attract further interview with BBC Broadcast UK. We believe that our products can be the best products for air traffic control in each country and also sell our products around the world.

EasyMap Digital Technology Inc. booth at the Security Essen in 2018

BBC broadcast reporter hold EasyMap Near-force defense system EM’FFECT in hand.