GIS.FCU Director Jimmy Chou joined 2018 Location Powers “Our Urban Environment”-“Data, Interoperability and our Urban World”

Director Jimmy Chou with AI Lab team members of AIST, Japan, and Technical chief of OGC.

       Director Jimmy Chou was invited to join 2018 Location Powers “Our Urban Environment”- “Data, Interoperability and our Urban World” in Singapore Land Authority’s GeoWorks from September 25 to September 26. This event was held by Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and Singapore Land Authority. There were many experts and scholars of academia and industry from America, Europe and Asia. They introduced how to use the International standard for information sharing in their professional fields. For example, Dr. Steve Liang -Founder and CEO, SensorUp (Canada), shared “Actionable Insights from Multi-sensor IoT Systems using the OGC SensorThings API”; Kyoung Sook Kim -Research Team Leader, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) (Japan), shared “Urban Intelligence; IoT data integration and movement analysis”; Sanghee Shin -CEO, Gaia3d (Korea), shared “What I’ve learned from implementing GeoBIM in Real Cases”.

       Furthermore, our director Jimmy Chou presented as the director of GIS Research Center in Feng Chia University, the chairman of the Taiwan Association of Disaster Prevention Industry and Asia Forum Chairman of OGC. In addition, he talked this topic “Implementing Smart Cities; Standards, Interoperability and Deep Learning for Disasters Monitoring”, and shared with all members the result of efforts in international and domestic for years then received good feedbacks.

       The Second day, all of people explored real world location data sharing for Building and Infrastructure including 3D, Underground, Sensor Networks, Remote Sensing and Citizen Generated Data. Everyone not only gave many related opinions and discussed enthusiastically, but gained a lot of sharing results in the event.

       OGC is the largest and most famous organization in the geospatial information standards community. It has received a great deal of attention all over the world. In Taiwan, we have already used many OGC standards to be our country’s standards in the governments and industries. Director Jimmy Chou suggests we should continue to pay attention to and take participation in OGC’s various activities. We could share Taiwan’s experience and knowledge with everyone in the world. Besides, we also strength our abilities and skills in various fields of application of spatial information technology in Taiwan through communicating and learning deeply.

Denise McKenzie - Head of Outreach, OGC: “Welcome and Introduction to the Open Geospatial Consortium.”

Director Jimmy Chou shared his experience.

Director Jimmy Chou’s topic: “Implementing Smart Cities; Standards, Interoperability and Deep Learning for Disasters Monitoring.”