OGC 112th TC Meeting in Banff

Deputy Director Lin(second one from the right) and Mr. Shih(first one from the left) from NCHC joined this event with Prof. Jimmy (first one from the right)and Dr. How (second one from the left) from GIS.FCU

       OGC 112th Technical and Planning Committee was held in Banff during 9th to 13th September 2019. Director Jimmy Chou and Dr. How from GIS.FCU accompanied Deputy Director Lin and Mr. I-Liang Shih from NCHC attended this event and delegated talks on various sessions, including IoT SensorThings Summit, Business Value Committee, GeoAI DWG, SmartCity DWG. The presentations also attracted high interest, discussion regards to the experience that GIS.FCU and NCHC implemented OGC standards to solve real world issues on disaster prevention, smart city management. Pilots that GIS.FCU participated had the demonstrations carried by the pilot architects, both Open Routing API Pilot and Disaster Resilience Pilot got positive responses from the communities. GIS.FCU will keep follow-up the next phases of current pilots, as well as the 3D IoT platform pilot that will be kicked off in October.

Prof. Jimmy was sharing the perspectives and value of international standards from FCU point of view.

Dr. How represented GIS.FCU to share the experience of smart city applications and disaster image recognition in SmartCities and GeoAI DWG.

We had great time with Professor Di from George Mason University (third one from left), Professor Sara from University of Calgary (first one from the left), Hitachi Nobu-san from Japan (fourth one from the right) in the banquet.