Financial Support Opportunity

The students who fill the bill have the opportunity to gain some financial support from internal and external sources, traineeship, teaching assistantships, research fellowships, and other academic employment opportunities.

International Geographical Conference IGU in Cologne, Germany

Graduate Students Research Room


With the increasing number of graduate students advised by Prof. Chou in the GIS Research Center, a research room had become necessary for better study and resource management. The goal of the research room is to provide students a place of discussion during their school years, and also a transition for future career in the GIS industry.

Learning Purposes

In addition to theses, the graduate students need to assist the projects in the Center. Because of the different background and study subjects, each student is assigned to different divisions in the Center, in order to help students on their own research, as well as to learn skills out from the books. The results of projects are usually used as material for papers of conferences or journals. At the end, the experience of both academy and jobs converts to nutrition for a better professional career.

Research Topics

The research topics include spatial information, satellite positioning, remote sensing, transportation management, digital learning, disaster monitoring, land use planning, environmental resource and information management.


The Center provides personal partition, PC, Internet, printers, and scanners for the students.