Development of the center


Interoperability + Integration + Communication + Sharing

GIS Research Center, Feng Chia University (GIS.FCU) was officially founded in 1995. Being the first officially approved GIS research center in Taiwan, the center aimed to advance the applications of GIS. With the intention of integrating geospatial information and the insistence on innovation, GIS.FCU supports the environmental decisions making by utilizing the core knowledge of GIS, GPS, and RS, making efforts in the research of technologies and the development of systems, promoting geospatial teaching and technology research in schools. The Center has been authorized by public and private institutions to participate in research and to undertake nearly thousand projects.



  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • Virtual Reality
  • E-Learning
  • Map Platform R&D

40 invention patents


  • Academic Research
  • University-industry Collaboration
  • Information Application Products
  • International GIS Research

More than 70 awards



  • GIS Kids Camps
  • High school Technology Camp

Degree Programs

  • Geospatial Information Master's and PhD Degree
  • International Academic Programs
  • GIS Software Workshops
  • Internship Training

Academic Exchange

  • Establishing project cooperation and partnership with international organizations, institutions and universities
  • Development of diversified international exchange activities (International meetings, participation in conferences, International Visiting)
  • Short-term international courses
  • International scholar visits and research exchanges

Core Technology- GIS.FCU Ahead of Imagination