EASYMAP - The Geospatial Service Platform


EASYMAP was developed by GIS.FCU in accordance with geographic information standards established by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). EASYMAP provides integrated solutions fulfilling the requirements of cross-platform interoperability, efficiency, aesthetic quality, and user-friendliness. The EASYMAP platform can be adopted in various applications that enable sharing and exchanging geospatial data.

The list of functions provided by EASYMAP includes the basic map display, overlay, and data query. The platform is also equipped with modules responsible for online spatial analysis, data integration, and can be customized for specific purposes.


EASYMAP can be used in various projects regarding geospatial applications. The EASYMAP platform has been developed and is owned by GIS.FCU, and can be used by both public institutions and private industries.

Application Benefits

As different devices require different approaches, EASYMAP provides developers with an API for further customization and supports a range of services and formats:

  1. Supported File Formats Images: ECW, DTED, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFonly a Vector Data: SHP files, DXF, MIF, DGW, SAV, DWG
  2. Geospatial Database Access (Oracle, MSSQL SERVER, MYSQL)
  3. Customized System Development
  4. Shorter development schedule on GIS applications
  5. Flexible Interface Design


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EASYMAP is available in a number of versions for different devices and provides the following features.

  • EASYMAP Web API – AJAX Version
    The AJAX version of EASYMAP is similar to the Google Map API and provides a complete map API for developers. There have been more than ten systems developed with the EASYMAP AJAX version. This version of EASYMAP can be used by both government and enterprises and Internet access is not required. Users can customize their base maps by EASYMAP’s map editing tools and publish them to the platform.

  • EASYMAP Web API – FLEX version
    The current version's interface has been optimized to enrich the user experience. The new approach introduces a higher level of interaction and new effects applied to map operations. Developers willing to further improve the software can modify the code thorough the FLEX builder tool.

    EASYOBJECT is the EASYMAP library, providing functions such as identify, buffer, path analysis, map export, classify, union, intersect, erase, and format convert. An EASYOBJECT is a COM component, which can be used directly by programming languages (e.g., .Net, ASP, PHP, JAVA). Moreover, a stand-alone program can also be developed with EASYOBJECT. EASYOBJECT is currently the easiest to use map developing component.

  • EASYMAP for iOS
    EASYMAP was used to develop the first iOS map application in Taiwan that can read data from SHP and ECW files, the two most important file formats of GIS. EASYMAP for iOS provides off-line map access and supports Google Map and Bing Map, making the offline and online map switch possible. Because of the capability of offline map access, EASYMAP for iOS greatly fulfills the requirement for a GIS smartphone application.


  • EASYMAP for Android
    In addition to the capabilities of the iOS version, EASYMAP for Android can record and export the route as an available for download KML file. The Android version also supports Augmented Reality (AR) through the built-in camera of an Android device.

  • EASYMAP Client
    EASYMAP Client is a stand-alone map-access program developed using EASYOBJECT. The EASYMAP Client provides a basic map overlay and is very useful for users who need to work offline.

  • EASYMAP Publish Server
    The EASYMAP Publish Server was developed using EASYOBJECT. Once a SHP file has been uploaded, the server can publish it as KML or WMS and clip the required region from the file. Moreover, the coordinate systems of WGS84, TWD67, and TWD97 can be converted directly from one to another at request. The server also provides statistics reports on maps, usage, and applications. With an easy setup, users can make GIS information available to others through the EASYMAP Publish Server.

  • Clients: SkyEyes GPS Technology Co; Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, Atomic Energy Council, R.O.C.; Central Regional Emergency Operation Center, Dept. of Health; Agriculture and Food Agency; Soil and Water Conservation Bureau; Taoyuan County Police Bureau

Fleet Management

Tracing the cargo position and route planning.

Environment Monitoring

Integrated information platform

Emergency Operation

Assisting emergency dispatch


Online inspection of areas and types of crops.

Engineering Practice

Planning and site investigation


Road monitoring placement and post management