Intelligent City Information Development Planning Services


The Intelligent City project is to focus mainly on people's needs and use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to deliver a variety of services and information based on web network, raising competitive edge for industries and improving the quality of citizens life GIS.FCU provides the total solution for intelligent city planning, incorporating a geospatial information technology platform to display parameters of a given urban area.


Application Benefits

  • City Information Integration Platform
    The Center provides the total solution of city information integration platform to meet the needs of city government management.

  • The Best Operating Performance Platform
    The Center adopts Google Earth Enterprise to develop a private cloud platform, providing safe information and data storage for the government units. The platform is very effective in displaying the city development, integrating 3D models of the main constructions, demonstrating 3D simulations smoothly and providing searching and browsing services to users interested in particular spatial layers, thus very effectively displaying the development of city.


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Smart City Planning in Taichung, Taoyuan, and Chiayi City.

  • 2013 Taichung - The Intelligent Community Of The Year
  • 2016 Taoyuan - Global Smart21
  • 2017 Taoyuan - ICF Top7
  • 2017 Chiayi - ICF Top7