Diverse Promotional Activities


With the increasing environmental change, people are exposed to a rapidly increasing amount of market information. Marketing, in particular, helps governmental agencies in making their affairs happen smoothly, gaining support for the administration and striving for recognition and support. The widespread understanding of governmental policies and ideas is thus conducive to achieving the anticipated results.


Industry, Public administration, Academia

Application Benefits

Integrated promotion services provide good results for public and private institutions interested in improving the quality of their businesses processes and finding solutions to factors impeding their activities.


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Soil and Water Conservation Bureau - 2017 International Conference on Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Technology for Large-scale Landslides

2016 GSDI 15th Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Conference

Industrial Technology Research Institute - 2018 Thailand Water Disaster Prevention Industry Exchange and Investigation

2017 Renewable Energy Week

Renewable Energy Promotional Activities in Taichung

Example of Multimedia Outreach

Example of Graphic Promotion