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With the increasing environmental change, people are exposed to a rapidly increasing amount of market information. Marketing, in particular, helps governmental agencies in making their affairs happen smoothly, gaining support for the administration and striving for recognition and support. The widespread understanding of governmental policies and ideas is thus conducive to achieving the anticipated results.


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Integrated promotion services provide good results for public and private institutions interested in improving the quality of their businesses processes and finding solutions to factors impeding their activities.

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  • Clients:SWCB, Council of Agriculture / Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture / Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs / Fourth River Management Office, WRA, MOEA / Information Center, Ministry of the Interior
  • Projects:marketing services / design of promotional materials / presentation of results / presentation / press conference & media planning / exhibition planning / online activities design & sponsoring / visits & other experiences

“Happy Rural Village Concert” by Nantou Branch of SWCB

The government recovers the rural scenery by rural regeneration projects, rural development, cultural preservation and industrial revival. The Nantou Branch of Soil and Water Conservation Bureau held the “Changing Heart & Dreams Coming True- Happy Rural Village Concert” at the Paper Church in Taomi Community, Puli Township, hoping people would feel the happiness and beauty of rural villages.

The 2011 Presentation of progress in action and disaster techniques

Experts from national and foreign industries, governments and academia were invited to the Presentation of progress in action and disaster techniques, a valuable meeting in the spatial information field which resulted in new ideas about potential ways in which government agencies could prevent and respond to disasters in the future.

“Online activity—Contest for designing a learning worksheet” by Water Resources Agency

The online activity “Contest for designing a learning worksheet for river education” was held by the e-Rivers portal site, where education in Taiwan’s rivers and the basic knowledge of water care, ecology and hydrology is given. The results of the contest were also put up on the internet for joint promotion of river education.

“Presentation of results & River Management Review meeting” by Water Resources Agency

The Water Resources Agency announces the advent of technological surveillance era for river management; the Agency exhibits its current results in river monitoring and management along with up-to-date technologies of river management.

“NGIS Results Exhibition at the 2010 COMPUTEX” by Information Center, Ministry of the Interior

The Information Center of The Ministry of the Interior exhibited its NGIS results, including the “Total operation system for street address and locations data”, the “NGIS data warehouse & web service platform” and “Information system for query & issuance of zoning of land use under urban plan”.