Smart General Administration Platform


Comprehensive services for process management, message reminder, schedule management, performance management, data sharing, spatial management and various other kinds of e-service through MIS, GIS, app, BI and big data technologies.


Smart-GAP has been widely used in various fields, such as soil and water conservation, forest service management, management of water resources, scenic area management, urban and county planning management. By integrating cross-unit project management, commissioned projects and accounting system functions, Smart-GAP effectively predicts the progress of the project, and helps to avoid project delays. Moreover, it can show the progress status of each project point on the map clearly; thus, the project manager can fully grasp the implementation of all individual steps and related outcomes via computer.

Application Benefits

  • Improve efficiency
    Instant information: real time project progress and budgeting control.
  • Reduces costs
    • Enhance job performance and save time and costs.
    • Reduce the waste of resources.
  • Improves competitiveness.
    • Each execution unit measures progress benchmarks.
    • Achieves the smooth flow of organizational information to improve decision-making and administrative efficiency.
  • Consistent Management
    Integrates cases, progress control, quality testing, sharing of process results, and seamless project management.
  • Spatial Management
    • Spatializes construction points.
    • Controls construction information.
  • Integration of decision-making
    Fosters the implementation of correct decision-making through review of results and feedback over the project’s life.


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