Resource Management- WRIMS


Water management is a complex task which involves many units of water conservation areas. Since each unit varies greatly and those differences are the basic data, the operating environment, information system and business processes need to be able to achieve the sustainable management of water resources and management. This requires surveying and integrating information from different sources compiled as the management foundation to facilitate cross-authority collaboration which can improve quality effectiveness.

Using the Water Resource Integration Services (WRIMs) can help water resource management authorities reach lasting, well-developed goals.


  • Watershed Management- Construction Management/ The Water Resources Conservation and Compensation Fee/ Land Use Management
  • Water Environmental and Quality Monitoring/ Area Image Monitoring/ Aerial Remote Sensing Monitoring
  • Water Resources Education Promotion
  • Mobile System Solution-The Mobile Water Resources Management

Application Benefits

  • Management application platform provides the information integration services to water resource authorities and strengthens sustainable water resource utilization, management and development.
  • The hydrological environment monitoring information is compatible with international standards. This platform provides real-time data integration to assist authorities in handling: water resource management and strain, and flood contingencies and other related disasters to reduce losses and improve operating efficiency.
  • By using this intelligent program, water conservation advocacy can help people realize the importance and the effectiveness of reservoir conservation with concepts such as flood control benefits, water retention and living water.


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Reservoir management and protection is important for everyone’s livelihood. Furthermore, the safety of public water is undeniably important. Information integration is the key to effectively managing reservoirs, water conservation, resource usage fees, land use management and some other related activities.

  • Construction Management and Control
    In recent years, more and more natural disasters have been caused by extreme weather. The catchment management project has become an important asset of resource authorities. By using construction management and control systems, it can bring effective resource allocation and control, and project governance.
  • Water Resources Conservation and Compensation Fee
    Current water conservation and compensation fees were established by the Water Resource Agency in 2006. With the substantial increase in business, the basic map data can not provide sound judgment, and the compensation fee is not transparent enough and circulation problems also arise. Therefore, important issue is how to assist authorities in effectively implementing water conservation and compensation fees.

    The controls of funds and projects for relative administrators

  • Land Use Management
    Management of the hinterland water resources, especially the middle and lower reaches of rivers, involves many organs, powers and responsibilities. It is often unclear how to monitor illegal land use, protected areas / reservoir interpretation, land ownership, management and statistics, as well as land use change analysis. To strengthen understanding of the above, this system is highly beneficial for the implementation of government operations.
  • Mobile Water Resource Management
    In response to the technical development of mobile platforms and the fourth generation of e-government, electronically-driven action is being promoted, and the management of water resources demands information on the fly. Therefore, providing a well-integrated, mobile information system for water resource management has become an important issue. Water resource management integrates watershed monitoring information, administration assistance, environmental information queries and information regarding the synchronization mechanism. By using this management platform, authorities can acquire real-time information, key messages and intelligent operation. An intuitive and clear interface is the best management tool.

  • Hydrological Environment Monitoring
    Currently used monitoring equipment involves GPRS and ADSL transmission. Monitoring data is an important basis for water resource management units, such as water conservation, water quality and water plant operations. The monitoring data received can also be released by the service to provide the public, government agencies, and water utilities with a network of real-time hydrological information.

    Real-time Water Resources Monitoring Panel

    The Warning Board for River Basin

    Historical Aerial Images Using on Environment Monitoring

  • Water Resource Education and Achievements
    Conservation efforts have made headway by presenting detailed introductions of reservoir conservation effectiveness and the beauty of reservoirs. The content should include important flora and fauna, ecological engineering methods, water features, recreational charm, etc. these readily provide the reader with an overall reservoir management conservation concept. On the part of promotion, we should let the reader feel how important reservoir conservation is, and help people to focus on concepts of water control, usage, preservation, and management.

  • Clients:Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic /Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Projects:Environmental Monitoring/ Integrated Technologies/Web-Platform

The Display Web for Reservoir Conservation

Provide important reservoir conservation performance information to assist the Water Resource Agency and promote reservoir conservation for businesses.

The Taipei Water Management Platform

To assist the Taipei Water Management Office’s e-management information integration platform, hydrology and water quality monitoring and management, water conservation, land use management, waste management, sewage and business management have had different modules built, needing integration of global information, to enhance implementation of the IT applications efficiency.

Web-based Search System of Reservoir Watershed and Tap Water Quality and Quantity in Conservation Areas

Using Web GIS technology, a system can be built to complete the water quality and quantity preservation database.

The System of Tap Water Quality and Quantity Conservation Areas and Compensation Fee

By using the system, an on-line work flow for water conservation and compensation fee can be built, and it can significantly enhance the ability of management performance and rapid decision-making.