Resource Management- WRIMS


Water management is a complex task which involves many units of water conservation areas. Since each unit varies greatly and those differences are the basic data, the operating environment, information system and business processes need to be able to achieve the sustainable management of water resources and management. This requires surveying and integrating information from different sources compiled as the management foundation to facilitate cross-authority collaboration which can improve quality effectiveness.

Using the Water Resource Integration Services (WRIMs) can help water resource management authorities reach lasting, well-developed goals.


  • Watershed Management- Construction Management/ The Water Resources Conservation and Compensation Fee/ Land Use Management
  • Water Environmental and Quality Monitoring/ Area Image Monitoring/ Aerial Remote Sensing Monitoring
  • Water Resources Education Promotion
  • Mobile System Solution-The Mobile Water Resources Management

Application Benefits

  • Management application platform provides the information integration services to water resource authorities and strengthens sustainable water resource utilization, management and development.
  • The hydrological environment monitoring information is compatible with international standards. This platform provides real-time data integration to assist authorities in handling: water resource management and strain, and flood contingencies and other related disasters to reduce losses and improve operating efficiency.
  • By using this intelligent program, water conservation advocacy can help people realize the importance and the effectiveness of reservoir conservation with concepts such as flood control benefits, water retention and living water.


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Decision Analysis App

Front-end and back-end operations monitoring for visualizing water resources management.

Patrol and Facilities Inspection App

App for GPS positioning, spatial analysis, real time photo annotation and various other kinds of features.

Water Conservation and Feedback System

Information system for enhancing the efficiency of management.

Engineering Ecological Conservation

Web GIS platform for spatial information

Disaster Response System

Web GIS platform for real time monitoring of typhoon path, rainfall monitoring, debris flow and river water levels.

Real-Time Environmental Monitoring

Real time monitoring with information collected from on site equipment.