The commonwealth state of software information (open repository of software information)


The idea behind Service-Oriented-Architecture is to link user needs and software capabilities and to provide a pre-defined interface to operate it. We accomplish the concept of service-oriented architecture (Service-Oriented Architecture, SOA) and provide network information by following the OGC service standards in order to achieve synergy and to promote information reuse.


Application Benefits

  • End-User
    • Won’t aware of change of frame
    • Improving application system quality effectively
  • Operator
    • Integrating crabwise
    • Improving information exchange intensity
    • Saving develop costs
    • Reducing link number of application system
    • Reducing information security qualms about open-database
    • Adjusting flexibly to organization procedures
  • Consumer/Provider
    • Improving information exchange speedy
    • Accessing integrated information in unity
    • Not to have to change system modules substantially
    • Not to have to copy database form provider to self
    • Reducing the problem of discordant data timeliness


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Following the concept of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), we provide an integrated service sharing platform to act as a broker between the provider and the consumer. The information sharing mechanism publishes and shares information services, gradually sharing business information and publishing map data that follows web standards. Interested parties can acquire service information through a service registry interface without copying large amounts of data or performing file conversion. They can use available components to build their own systems, thus saving huge expenditures for application development, improving organizational efficiency and reaching the highest benefit of data collection.

  • Clients:Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs / Institute of Transportation, Ministry of Transportation and Communications / The Department of Land Administration, Ministry of the Interior / Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture
  • Projects:Information Services Promoting Website of Lands Integration/ Information Services Sharing Platform of Lands Integration / Water Resource Information Service Platform / Highway Information Services Sharing Platform / Forest bureau Service-Oriented Architecture Platform