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The idea behind Service-Oriented-Architecture is to link user needs and software capabilities and to provide a pre-defined interface to operate it. We accomplish the concept of service-oriented architecture (Service-Oriented Architecture, SOA) and provide network information by following the OGC service standards in order to achieve synergy and to promote information reuse.


Application Benefits

  • End-User
    • Won’t aware of change of frame
    • Improving application system quality effectively
  • Operator
    • Integrating crabwise
    • Improving information exchange intensity
    • Saving develop costs
    • Reducing link number of application system
    • Reducing information security qualms about open-database
    • Adjusting flexibly to organization procedures
  • Consumer/Provider
    • Improving information exchange speedy
    • Accessing integrated information in unity
    • Not to have to change system modules substantially
    • Not to have to copy database form provider to self
    • Reducing the problem of discordant data timeliness


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