SkyEyes-the platform for integrated, comprehensive transportation management


The SkyEyes platform integrates various advanced spatial information and communication technologies, like GIS, GPS, RS, Wireless Transmission, Mobile Computing, Data Mining and Cloud Computing, providing a comprehensive solution for transportation management.

In collaboration on R&D with SkyEyes GPS Technology Co., the Center unveiled “SkyEyes”, the platform for integrated, comprehensive transportation management. It is now available to hundreds of institutions and firms from Taiwan’s business, public administration and the academy.

Diagram of the operational framework for integrated transportation management service

SkyEyes professional fleet management system

SkyEyes GPS service network


The service is provided to domestic transportation firms and commercial fleet in Taiwan for instant vehicle monitoring, operation analysis and management. Incorporating real-time image transmission technology, this service creates an integrated and comprehensive transportation management system of the next generation that is cloud-based, mobile and intuitive. With versatile applications, it also assists in transportation related affairs in the public sector.

Application Benefits

Managers can be aware of the whereabouts of vehicles at any time, ensure car travel safety, cut down fuel consumption to lower operational costs and simplify the procedures of transportation managing, creating quality, efficient and low-cost “Green Transportation”.

Benefits of Green Transportation


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Our service integrates vehicle position information with customers’ orders and driver’s shift schedule that are stored in enterprise database. It not only provides customers with up-to-date goods delivery status at any time, but automatically calculates delivery fees and other operational costs for logistics owners to analyze their business.

System Architecture

System functions are divided into three categories, “transportation planning”,“real-time monitoring” and “information integration”:

  • “Transportation planning”: provides vehicle-suiting dispatching and optimal routing, increases the efficiency in vehicle use, decreasing unnecessary mileage of travel and fuel consumption, and cutting down operative costs.
  • “Real-time monitoring”: provides current vehicle position and status during the transportation task; automatically monitors the driving behavior, ensuring safety of people, vehicles and cargo.
  • “Information integration”: builds integrated database following the concept of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), setting out consistent operating procedures spanning from taking orders, vehicle dispatching to cost, bonus and performance determination to decrease the cost of fleet management and increase operational effects.

Scope of system functions

Taichung City Government’s Smart Monitoring and Managing System for Towed Vehicles

The control center is aware of the current positions of the towed vehicles at any time and can dispatch a towing operation at a moment's notice. The towing operation is recorded by digital cameras installed in the cars to provide a basis of reference in case of concerns voiced by the vehicle owners about possible damages.

Trash truck monitoring & management by Environment Protection Bureau of Taichung City

The monitoring center can control the status of the trash truck fleet through the internet at any time and the online search system can be used to send queries about the real time positions of the vehicles, thus increasing the fleet management efficiency and ensuring high quality of services.

Hui-Yu Transport Corp. Transportation Management System

The dispatching managers can monitor all on-duty vehicles in a real-time manner through the map platform. They can enable warning alert via text messages and distribute delivery status to their customers at any time, which can assist managers in managing all dispatching tasks and ensure driving safety at one time as well as can provide customers with prompt access to their goods. This service has been proved being able to shorten logistics cycle, reduce accident occurrence, ensure service quality, lower management costs, and stay competitive in challenging transport market in Taiwan.

Formosa Petrochemical Transportation Corporation’s GPS Vehicle Management System

The dispatch center grasps the vehicle status in a real-time manner by using GPS and vehicle management system. While the personnel required by the operating procedure are minimized, management efficiency is increased, a safe driving environment is built and the number of traffic accidents is decreased, thus achieving the goal of sustainability.