”Space Observations and Sustainability Development Course”, a new series of online course launched by Taiwan Space Union (TSU) and Feng Chia university

ACTIVITIES    2022.02.09

TSU will launch a new series of online course in 2022. “Space Observations and Sustainability Development Course” will combine the efforts of scholars from National Cheng Kung University, National Central University, National Taipei University and Feng Chia university. Starting from 14 February, the lessons are scheduled at 4pm on every Monday until 13 June 2022. Students can inactive during the lessons and inspire more research ideas. The course will cover 4 main themes as the following,

  • Introduction to 3S Technology
  • Mobile Mapping Technology
  • Disaster Management and Technology
  • Analysis and Case Study

This course targets at students, researchers, and those interested at space science and technology. There are 3 to 5 mini-topics under each theme, ranging from technology research, management method, case study, theory and real practices. It aims to open the door of the space science to all students.

The course will be kick-off by Prof. Jimmy Chou, the Director of GIS Research Center, Feng Chia University. Students are welcomed to interact with course lecturers during the lessons. All materials will be recorded for the future education purposes. TSU will issue the Certificate of Participation upon the course completion. Let’s join together!