The College of Construction and Development launches various online courses of “smart city” and “space observation. Let’s join together!

ACTIVITIES    2022.03.02

Last year, the College of Construction and Development launched the Moocs Course 「Technology and Application in Smart City」. The course, based on the concepts and theories of smart city, makes students realize the basic architecture and core applications of smart cities in the beginning, and then start to explore the technology principles from different smart city applications By the abundant contents, students are expected to establish a solid foundation for their future in order to join smart city industries and doing smart city research. From last year, there have been over 20 countries or regions participating in the Moocs Course, and so far, it has approximately accumulated 400 students. The course is highly praised by students.

From this semester, the College of Construction and Development cooperate with Taiwan Space Union(TSU), National Cheng Kung University, National Central University, and National Taipei University to launch 「Space Observations and Sustainability Development Course」 at 4pm on every Monday from 14 February to 13 June 2022. The course proceeds by google meet, and the students could communicate with lecturers online. The course covers 4 main themes as the following, Introduction to 3S Technology, Mobile Mapping Technology, Disaster Management and Technology, and the last one Analysis and Case Study. Generally speaking, this course targets at students, researchers, and those interested at space science and technology. Hence, it aims to open the door of the space science to all participants. The GIS research center continues to exploit its advantage to strive for geospatial information technology, smart city application, and disaster management, and make more wonderful online courses.

These online courses are taught by professionals or experts, and allow students to communicate with each other and test himself online. After courses are finished, there will be videos recorded on clouds for students to review. Now, let’s join those interesting courses together!

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