GIS.FCU Participated in International Symposium on Remote Sensing (ISRS), 2016
2016 International Symposium on Remote Sensing (ISRS) had been successfully held on Apr. 20th – 22th, 2016 in Jeju, Korea. ISRS aims at bringing together the researchers, scientists, engineers, and scholar students in all theories and applications of Remote Sensing. Dr. Feng-Cheng (Francis) Lin attended this conference and published two paper: One-The study of Geo-Tagging by Chinese geospatial description using ontology technology; Another- Mapping environmental perception with crowdsourced CityProbe mobile app and weights of evidence model. Dr. Lin shared the results of MOST projects in 2016 and demonstrated the applications of our research. After ISRS, Dr. Lin exchanged the ideas of Remote Sensing and GIS-related technology, so that GIS.FCU can know each other with scholars and researchers from Taiwan, Japan, and Korea....MORE
Workshop with AIST
GIS.FCU and Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) hold a workshop to share the research ideas at Tsukuba Headquarter of AIST in Apr 14th, 2016. The international cooperation between both parties has remained for 6 years and seeking for further opportunities of the cooperation....MORE
GIS.FCU Participated the OGC 98th TC/PC Meeting
Director of GIS.FCU, Dr. Jimmy Chou, attended to OGC 98th PC/TC Meeting in Washington D.C. There were almost 200 scholars from abroad to join the meeting. Dr. Chou as the representative of GIS.FCU promoted that the OGC TC/PC 101th Meeting will be hold by GIS.FCU in Taichung, Taiwan. It is expected to have more international scholars join the meeting and improve international exchange programs of Taiwan....MORE
GIS.FCU Keep Participating Testbed-12 in This Year
It has been 8th year of participant of GIS.FCU since 2008 in OWS-6. GIS.FCU started joining originally from projects participant and then played more important role in OGC as a principal member and the Asia standard compliance center of OGC. On March 1st-5th, Mr. Aaron and How from Technique Management Dept. of GIS.FCU went to USGS, Reston City, VA to attend the kick off meeting of OGC Testbed-12. GIS.FCU will develop two technical components of Large-Scale Analysis (LSA) thread which include the implementation of a NSG WFS and a tile access WPS....MORE
GSDI 15 Conference Call For Papers
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