2016/12/23 ISSUE029 
December 2016 OGC TC/PC Meeting in Taichung
December '16 OGC Technical and Planning Committee Meeting took place on December 4-8, at Feng Chia University (FCU) in Taichung, Taiwan. More than one hundred participants of government, commercial, academic and research organizations coming from 18 countries met at FCU for the most important geospatial event...MORE
GIS.FCU and NSPO @ GEO Plenary in St. Petersburg!
During 7th to 10th Nov., Prof. Jimmy and Dr. How represented GIS.FCU to attend the GEO Plenary XIII in St. Petersburg, accompanied with Dr. Franz who represented the National Space Organization (NSPO) of Taiwan. Several separated side events were hold for various purposes regards to global observation issues. The plenary was hosted by ROSCOSMOS and ROSHYDROMET, the official space and environmental monitoring organizations of Russian government. There were more than 300 representatives and delegates from 46 nations and 50 international organizations, and many exhibitions from the U.S., China, Euro, Japan, and Russia...MORE
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