107th OGC Technical Committees - GIS.FCU Shines Again on the International Geospatial Information Stage
The team led by Director Jimmy Chou of GIS Center of Feng Chia University once again participated in the five-day OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) Technical Committee Meeting (TC/PC, Technical/Planning committees). GIS.FCU shared Taiwan experiences with international geospatial standard experts in various field discussion sessions such as EDM (Emergency Disaster Management), Big Data, Agriculture, Sensor Things API, and Geo AI.MORE
GIS.FCU Join 2018 ISRS
The International Symposium on Remote Sensing (ISRS) 2018 Organizing Committee was hold at Alpensia Resort Convention Center in PyeongChang, Gangwon Province, Korea, from May 9th-11th, 2018. There are various global issues including environmental problems, disaster, national security and etc., and our society requires the earth information in an accurate and fast manner for these issues recently. MORE
GIS.FCU participated OGC Testbed-14 Next Generation Technologies on artificial intelligence and 3D/AR applications.
Dr. How and Chief Engineer Kuan Chih-Wei attended OGC Testbed-14 kick-off meeting from 2nd to 6th this April at the headquarter of USGS, Reston, VA. In this testbed, GIS.FCU derived funding support from sponsors and will focus on the implementation and discussion on various fields, such as machine learning, OpenAPI, CityGML(3D) and Augmented Reality. During the kickoff meeting, all threads were broken down to small team discussion, representatives from GIS.FCU were required to discuss and clarify the goals and scope for the next half year with other participants and sponsors. Furthermore, separated topic weekly teleconferences will be held for tracing the implementation progress as well as keep working on project scope discussion. MORE
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