OGC Asia Forum Meeting

OGC Asia Forum | 2021-06-17 |

The OGC Asia Forum will be held at 7-9 pm Taiwan Standard Time on June 17th, 2021. Prof. Jimmy of Feng Chia University and Trevor Tylor, Director of OGC Asia Pacific, will jointly invite members from Asian countries to participate. The topic of the speech is the application of 3D space infrastructure in smart cities, and invited representatives from Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and other countries to provide introductions on their national development status.
The number of online participants in this conference is about 40. In addition to the wonderful speaker briefing, it was also proposed that the annual Geospatial Festival be held in Singapore in September. Moreover, OGC playing a vital role in the conference, the OGC Technical Committee will also be held at the same time as the event. At that time, OGC members from Asian countries will be invited to attend, share and exchange information, and further establish cooperation.

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