The Third Annual Satellite Science Workshop” Was Successfully Rounded Off

In order to strengthen the connection between domestically academic experts and industrial specialists from astronautics, the MOST...

Activity | 2021-11-05 |

Moocs Online Course: Technology and Application in Smart City

The Moocs Online course-Smart City series is in full swing. Welcome everyone who is interested in smart city to join the online co...

Public Event | 2021-10-15 |

Welcome to Join the OGC Asia Forum Online for Free!

The OGC Asia forum will be held online at 2 pm (Taipei Time) on 17 September 2021. This session is relevant to organizations with ...

OGC Asia Forum | 2021-09-15 |

2021 International Smart Cities e-Forum – Tighten with the world virtually

Organized by the College of Construction and Development, Feng Chia University, 2021 International Smart Cities e-Forum has come t...

Activity OGC Asia Forum | 2021-06-29 |

2021 International Smart Cities e-Forum

In the era of information technology, combined applications with GIS and open data analysis are widely utilized in households, fac...

Public Event | 2021-06-24 |