GIS.FCU Wishes You Happy New Year!

GIS.FCU Wishes You Happy New Year!

Public Event | 2018-12-28 |

Experiences from AFITA 2018, India

AFITA (The Asia-Pacific Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture) 2018 this year was held at Victor Menezes Convention...

Internationalization OGC Asia Forum | 2018-10-24 |

EasyMap joined Security Essen

GIS.FCU incubator company "EasyMap Digital Technology Inc." independently developed the product called EM'FFECT which has UAV near...

Internationalization | 2018-10-09 |

IEEE International Conference

Dr. How was invited by AIST to delegate a talk to IEEE Proceeding on Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineer during Septemb...

Internationalization OGC Asia Forum | 2018-09-26 |

2018 Location Powers “Our Urban Environment”

Director Jimmy Chou was invited to join 2018 Location Powers “Our Urban Environment”- “Data, Interoperability and our Urban World”...

Internationalization OGC Asia Forum | 2018-09-25 |