GIS.FCU Presented AI Issue

The 108th OGC Technical Committee meeting that hosted by Hochschule fur Technik Stuttgart was held in Stuart, Germany. CHIH-WEI KU...

Internationalization OGC Asia Forum | 2018-09-10 |

International Conference on Smart Cities, Vietnam

A delegation 11 Professors from FCU led by Dean Lin Liang Tay, the Dean of College of Construction and Development, go to Vietnam ...

Activity Internationalization | 2018-09-05 |

GIS .FCU Lead the Businesses to Expand Business Opportunities in Thailand

The GIS Research Center of Feng Chia University (GIS.FCU) organized the Taiwan delegation again to visit the new southbound countr...

Internationalization | 2018-06-25 |

107th OGC Technical Committees

The team led by Director Jimmy Chou of GIS Center of Feng Chia University once again participated in the five-day OGC (Open Geospa...

Internationalization OGC Asia Forum | 2018-06-04 |

GIS.FCU Join 2018 ISRS

The International Symposium on Remote Sensing (ISRS) 2018 Organizing Committee was hold at Alpensia Resort Convention Center in Py...

Activity | 2018-05-09 |