GIS.FCU provides a series of integrated services, including planning, civil constructions, establishment of big data, cloud service, even the operation of analysis and demonstration can be carried out independently by our team. In order to effectively fulfill customer’s requirements, the Center had built two different process platforms respectively for streaming and data services.

- GISCAM can transform the streaming codes of cameras on the market into streaming videos that can be broadcasted by various browsers and devices.
- Look.GIS Sensor Network allows IoT devices to report data by MQTT or HTTPS protocols. In addition, the received data can be transformed into SensorThings API for extended development.

  Intelligent Sewer Maintenance and Operation Using AIOT

By establishing rainfall and wastewater sewer system, water quality monitoring stations, and flooding monitoring stations on pavements, this technology can immediately understand the situation of the sewer drainage system. In addition, through big data analysis, this technology is expected to lower the personnel cost of maintenance and inspection while offering real-time autonomous disaster prevention and response information.

   Intelligent IoT of Construction Site Safety

GIS Research Center is the pioneer that introduced intelligent management. This technology has integrated monitoring instruments and telecommunication technologies, it can monitor the real-time situation and automatically predict and analyze during the tunnel construction, and the analyzed data will be recorded and reported back to relevant personnel. The Center aims to ensure the construction safety of workers, and hopes to accomplish the expectation by establishing a safety management mechanism using intelligent IoT technology.

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