3D Augmented Reality

3D geospatial has been established and circulated due to the policy of the government since 3D geospatial is going to become normal. Based on the application in the smart city, 3D geospatial is able to provide automated cars, building management, land surveying, and disaster prevention, moreover, integrate with Big Data, AI (Artificial Intelligence, AI), and AR (Augmented Reality, AR) in the future. GIS Research Center (GIS.FCU) developed Web 3D maps by CESIUM® which support multiple file formats, help solved cross-platform problems, and provide an aesthetic and functional system. Furthermore, the center can develop the APP and provide AR positioning, browsing, and measuring function with different kinds of requirements.

  Public Pipelines Facility

To promote 3D smart city, GIS Research Center (GIS.FCU) has helped the plan of establishing 3D public pipelines and to increase efficiency. In the past, 2D pipe-line maps were not able to identify the deepness, the thickness, and the direction and were differ with reality. After upgrading to a 3D pipe-line map, the Public Pipelines Facility System is able to provide simulation before digging. By using 3D technology, the system has solved the problem of conflict during digging and shorten the risk of mistakes and make the construction more convenient.

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