Data Analysis

The purpose of data analysis is to break a complex topic or information into smaller parts in order to gain a better understanding of it. It can be carried out through several kinds of techniques or statistical methods. By doing so, the data can be categorized, integrated, and concluded, finally, the analyzed data can be a significant reference for decision-making.

Apart from that, data analysis is also a process that increases the value of data by targeting, confirming key indicators, and decision-making.

  Analysis of Microclimate Applied in Cultural Heritage Preservation

Proceed Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) on climate data, such as temperature, wind direction, relative humidity, rainfall, daylight, and wind speed, to predict the difference between dew point temperature and environmental temperature and the impact of humidity. While the temperature sensors are triggered, the system will automatically implement the operation of lowering the temperature.


DataCube is an open-source image warehouse that concludes several kinds of satellite data, it can manage the image preprocessing and provide multi-dimensional and sequential image data, offering analysis and research service of multi-dimensional images conveniently and quickly.

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