R&D of Maps Platform

EASYMAP is a 2D/3D maps platform technology in accordance with OGC standard. It is also a cross-platform, functional and pleasing solution for geospatial information system. EASYMAP serves exchange of various geospatial information software and data formats. It features basic maps platform, map layers, inquiry of maps and geospatial information, etc. In addition, online spatial analysis, integration of heterogeneous database and customization of modules are also well-developed. EASYMAP can be applied in geospatial information field. Whether you do business in a private company or official authorities, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive, reliable solution.

  Debris Flow Disaster Prevention Information Network

The system provides integrated information for prediction during disaster response, manages the situation and notifications of debris flow warning, and delivers disaster messages immediately.

  3D Geologic Drilling

Through WEBGL technology, users can generate geological section of the drilled hole and proceed inquiry of geologic drilling in general browsers without plugin.

  Paddy Field Use Inquiry

Integrate historical farming patches and aerial photographs of paddies with information from Agriculture and Food Agency, generate thematic maps for on-site inspection and management.

  Analysis and Decision-making

EASYMAP not only provides maps positioning inquiry service, but also helps the business with generating all kinds of thematic charts of counties and cities. EASYMAP is flexible and dynamic, and it allows managers to generate numerical statements and maps according to requirements.

  Disaster Simulation and Management Platform

Through the disaster drill on maps platform, the users can better understand the expansion to achieve the best effectiveness result from management platform.

  Taiwan Cycling Route

Taiwan Cycling Route is a portal with comprehensive travel information and frequent interactions. It contains fully cycling map, fine food, depots and other information. Furthermore, this portal linked abundant tourism information through new technologies, such as interactive cycling map, 360-degree panorama images of bike path and videos of provincial highway, etc. People can easily receive cycling information from the portal.

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