Intelligent City

In recent years, local governments are keen at implementing communication technologies into urban management. The networks link up people with smart devices and motive the overall industrial development. The concept of smart city applies and not only on education, agriculture and energy generation, but also create an energy-saving, healthy and innovative living environment.

For years of smart city participation, GIS.FCU accumulated enormous energy in urban planning. We assist the local city governments in smart city applications through different levels. With the innovative city services, we are ambitious to showcase our successful experience on the international stage.

  Smart City Appraisal

• 2013
Assisting Taichung city to award Top 1 in the Intelligent Community Forum

• 2016
Assisting Taoyuan city to award Smart 21

• 2017
Assisting Taoyuan city and Chiayi city to award Top 7

• 2018
Assisting Taoyuan city, Chiayi city and Tainan city to award Top 7

• 2020
Assisting Tainan city to be shortlisted in the IDC 6th Smart City Asia Pacific Awards (SCAPA)

  Environmental Investigation and Planning

Through the topic of coastal waste, the remote sensing technology has been introduced along with satellite images, aerial images and UAV images. With the combination of AI learning and multispectral images, environmental analysis could be carried out to determine the source and distribution.

  Smart Agriculture

Through the establishment of agricultural data base, big data can be analyzed for disaster prevention, market trend and discussion making index.

  New Technology-aided Historic Sites Preservation

With the aid of UAV photography and ground-based shooting, 3D models can be created and showcasing the historic site. By gathering the information, big data contributes the management and maintenance of the historic buildings.

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