Intelligent Management

We have developed a better solution to help managed complex processes and construction in a more intelligent way. Based on lifetime circle and User-Center-Design, we have integrated technologies such as MIS (Management Information System), GIS (Geographic Information System), APP(Application), BI (Business Intelligence), and Big Data. By information dashboard, 2D/3D map, digital alert module, our system can help improving work efficiency.

  Council House Plans

By using MIS (Management Information System), GIS (Geographic Information System), and BI (Business Intelligence), our products are able to build a smart management platform for the process of Council House Plans which contain land inventory, budget subsidy, and plan handling. The platform was designed by RWD ( Responsive web design) and could visualize complex numbers into key data. It helps decision-maker grasps data in each stage and can set an alerting mechanism to remind user upcoming schedules and works. Units are also helped to promote Council House Plans in a better and smarter way by the intelligent platform.

Decision Making Information Dashboard

  Disabled Verification System

The establishing of the Disabled Verification System has digitalized verification paper works for disabled persons. By cloud computing, users are able to get information immediately. Moreover, the QR Code has helped to combined historical data (which is paper) with the new electronic data, to drastically increase administrative efficiency and to implement smart management by Government.

Disabled Verification System

Interface of Disabled Verification System

   Construction Management

Planning and construction management platform provide ecosystem check mechanism, construction management and decision, supervision, reconnaissance, and data of construction. By saving the construction process and developing an application, the platform added in AR (Augmented Reality) measuring technology and became more convenient which is used to be time-consuming. It helps to control each stage during construction to level up the quality and provide decision making information dashboard for senior executives. Unify each function module and statistics information during construction to provide Omni bearing decision information service.

Construction Information Management System

Construction Loading and Big Data Analyze

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