With the rich event-holding experience, GIS.FCU assisted various government authorities in foreign exchange. The promotions established global multilateral cooperation. Through different platforms and activities, it is wished to integrate the strengths and advantages among industries and government parties in order to create a high share value.

Sister Park Agreement of Jiufenershan National Earthquake Memorial Place with Kurikomasanroku Geopark

The Kurikomasanroku Geopark in Japan made the sister park agreement with Jiufenershan National Earthquake Memorial Place in 21st September, 2019. The cooperation enhances the slopeland management technic, community management mechanism and promotion strategy of both parties.

  Participation in The Renewable Energy Week

Assisting Taichung city, Hsinchu city and Taoyuan city to promote renewable energy. It includes holding exhibition, strategic planning and resources auditing. Meanwhile, renewable energy education is a focal point in Taichung city. Through kids theater and lecturer training it is wished to enhance the green concept to our new generation. At the same time, renewable energy assessment was done to promote the low carbon green city.

  International Railway Cultural Exchange

In recent years, GIS assisted in the exchange programs with the sister railways in British, Slovakia, India, Japan and Switzerland. In 2019, we supported the 2nd Forum on Asian Industrial Heritage Conservation. 300 participants from over 10 countries attended to discuss the issues related to railway conservations.

  APFITA, The New Generation of Smart Agriculture

APFITA 2019 was hosted by Taiwan Agricultural Information Technology Association and supported by the Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan. Over 300 participants from 20 countries attended the event with over 130 publications made. New technologies and theories were released and aiming to create a more efficient, safer and lower risk generation of agriculture.

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