Resource Management

GIS.FCU are good at managing resources of environmental subjects, such as water resources managing, forest resources managing, marine observation, ecosystem investigation, and factory application management. Take Taiwan’s resources sustainable as a goal, we customized the system according to different kinds of operation and follow each environment regulation. The resource management system could improve traditional paperwork and manual review. By digitalizing operation and space interpretation analysis, it can record files online to l increase working efficiency. Furthermore, to handle resources information, and schedule with visualized data, help to strengthen environmental conservation awareness.

  Automatic Legal Interpretation

In the past, while a new factory or a factory’s data needs to be updated, it would cost abundant if paper and manual work. If the required documents were missed or changed again, the process had to be repeated. For the convenience of users, Factory Established and Environment Interpretation System have been released. While the system interpretation cases by AI technology and automation, factory owners need to key in their industry process and location. AI technology is able to interpret regulations and surroundings is an environmentally sensitive area or not. If the case is not complex, the user can finish determination work online immediately by the system which cut down lots of time. The benefit of Factory Established and Environment Interpretation System turn paperwork into electronic records, reduce the time of searching and add in fool-proof design to avoid typing mistakes. In conclusion, to enforce digital operation and simplified user operating.

Example of Factory Established and Environment Interpretation

   Ecological Investigation

To integrate environment-friendly strategy into life circle of construction, Ecological Investigation System is designed base on maps of the environmentally sensitive area to help user understands the important habitats around the area. By environmental protection strategies such as avoidance, narrowing, mitigation, compensation to lighten impact to the environment. Professionals of ecological territory have work on collecting, investigating, and analyzing ecological concepts into the construction process. While the construction is done, it helps to focus on ecologic tracking, survey, analyze influence to fulfill the balance between environment-friendly and construction development. The goal of biological conservation and organisms' habits sustainable.

Ecological Investigation System

  Marine Conservation

To assist the revision of iOcean, the new website has supplied more about ocean information surround Taiwan. iOcean has collected and visualized ocean water quality, marine organism distribution, marine waste location. Furthermore, the Citizen Scientist function was designed to receive feedback ecology witnesses, fishing species from citizens to enrich the ocean biology database. People get to know more information and put attention on marine and marine conservation.

  iOcean Website:
  Marine Protect Area Website:

iOcean Website

Marine Protect Area Website

  Marine Wildlife Conservation

Marine Wildlife Conservation and Management System was built to keep the record data of marine wildlife that have been rescued in Taiwan. To systemized the important information such as where they were found, were healed and how they were used since they were found. Besides, the system also integrated the historical data of the TCSN whale strandings database. By using GIS (Geographic Information System), popular strandings place and information can be shown on the map, and help to collect and grasp marine wildlife strandings details by the system.

Marine Wildlife Conservation and Management System

  Forest and Wood Information Management

Forest and Woods Information System has collected woods production information in Taiwan, which has included plan application, wood products produce examination, license certification, and driftwood management to set up the traceability of woods in Taiwan. To show more information and production of the forest to people, Forest and Woods Information System also provide a public deforest information map and knowledge platform of forest and woods to change the negative way of thinking of logging.

  Taiwan's Forest and Wood Information Website :

Forest and Woods Information Website

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