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Transportation Management system service use GIS, GPS, RS, Wireless Transmission, Mobile Computing, Data Mining, Cloud Computing… to advanced spatial information and communication technologies. Skyeyes provide government and transportation-related industries with smart transportation management solutions.

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The technical modules used in Transportation Management system service are shown in the figure: GPS Car Kits. Satellite positioning receiver and wireless transmission module contained in GPS Car Kits. Location and related driving information are instantly transmitted to the database through mobile communication in any time. After calculation and analysis, those information converted into decision-making information that can be used by management personnel.

integrate the various functions of this technical service with
Skyeye GPS Technology Co., Ltd.
, and officially launched the "SkyEyes Intelligent Transportation Management Cloud ", which is the leading intelligent transportation management business software in Taiwan. It has now adopted by hundreds of institutions, national government, organizations and enterprises.

SkyEyes Intelligent Transportation Management Cloud mainly provides domestic and foreign transportation companies and commercial fleets a real-time monitoring and operation analysis management service. System integrates the technologies as spatial information technology, cloud technology, data exploration, data analysis, mobile computing, and the Internet of Things to achieve functions such as smart transportation, driver attention assistance, AI dispatch, cold chain management, and government convenience services. Skyeyes is a pioneer in the domestic integration of fleet management, cloud technology, data analysis, Internet of Things and other technologies for commercial fleet services. Skyeyes can also assist public transportation related businesses, such as the transportation illegal vehicle towing, environmental protection agency carrying toxic chemicals or hazardous waste vehicle control, Garbage truck, forestry bureau patroller, and fire department rescue dispatching, etc.

"SkyEyes Smart Transportation Management Cloud " takes into account the overall condition of "human", "vehicle" and "cargo", and provides the functional design for the different needs in pre-, mid- and post-phases and provides a full range of smart transportation management services.

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