Data standards

As key infrastructures of the National smart city plan, one of the goa; is to set community data standards to made data circulated easier and able to be used in more ways. GIS Research Center (GIS.FCU) has contributed to spatial data standards set up, sensing data standards with Taiwan and OGC(Open Geospatial Consortium) to data circulating and sharing by removing heterogeneity data. Up to now, we have helped the Ministry of the Interior and OGC to promote data standards and implementation to raise data application and circumstance of international industries.

  Open Data

Since freedom of Government information and public participation have become a global trend, GIS Research Center (GIS.FCU) has been working hard on international electronic data interchange and interoperability study. We have extensive experience in system integration, simple operation, and good use of open data applications. By importing international standards such as Open data, OAS (Open API Specification) and automatic changeover by cloud, the effectiveness of data changeover has raised dramatically. As of now, we have assisted lots of government agencies to establish data integrate and changeover system, for example, helping Water Resources Agency, MOEA to build up the‘ Water Resources Integrate Open data Platform ’ and ‘Open Data Platform’ of Taichung City Government

  Taichung City Open Data Platform:
  Water Resources Integrate Open Data Platform:

Water Resources IOT and data standard

Data Open Data Platform

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