Intelligent UAV

UAV is highly mobile platform that able to shoot, film or equipping with various sensors. Comparing with satellite images, aerial photos generated by UAV are less restricted by weather conditions. Because of the low operating cost, high flexibility and simple controls, UAV is widely applied in academic, national securities, national defense or military industries. GIS.FCU is dedicated at the UAV development since 2005. We promote and educate the public of the use of UAV, as well as using it to monitor different natural disasters and smart city management.

  The Record of Kaohsiung City Development with Aerial Footage

In order to showcase the hard works and land development in the past 60 years, a promotion booklet was published with modern aerial footage with historic photos and description as the comparison.

  Landslide Monitoring, Investigation and Assessment

UAV is widely applied to environment assessment or disaster areas, which man power is hardly deployed. It is a useful tool to enhance the operational efficiency.

  Establishment of Smart Cities with High Accuracy UAV Technologies

In the global wave of smart city, the urban management changed from paper maps to 2D or 3D digital map data. UAV can shoot and generate large area of point clouds efficiently. It helps to oversee the change of area with a smarter management and analysis.

  Reforestation of National Forest by UAV

GIS.FCU developed the UAV that suitable for aerial reforestation. Through a lengthy study, procedures for result assessment has also been developed. It is expected to be the future tool in aerial reforestation.

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