Enabling employees to develop talents

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Research Center is an academic research institute offering professional information services. We undertake all types of research and development projects from public and private organizations. Our core technologies and highly affirmed technical services include Web GIS electronic maps, spatial data warehouse, 3D applications, remote sensing (RS) applications, management and plan assessing methods, the integration of Global Positioning System (GPS) and fleet management, disaster prevention and reduction, and emergency response systems.

The team of the GIS Research Center shares the warm feeling of ‘we are family’ and faith in the pursuit of ‘mission impossible’. We offer not only a job opportunity, but the GIS Research Center’s mission is to lead the development of geographic information with. With our comprehensive training courses which nurture talents and support employee learning as well as the comfortable working environment, we aim to enhance the knowledge and abilities of our staff.

Pursuit of innovation and dream

The GIS Research Center urges to promote the spirit of innovation, furthering the core technologies and the needs of customers. Therefore, we always adhere to the development strategy of “finding the right person” and “doing the right things”. In accordance with our business philosophy of learning, innovation, integration, teamwork, leadership, and excellence, we constantly recruit like-minded people of talent. We rely on their support for the accomplishment of high-quality projects using the most purely focused and creative models.

Call for like-minded partners

In your lifetime, how many opportunities challenge you to be creative, persistent, and focused The comprehensive career development plans provided by the GIS Research Center of the Feng Chia University will help you reach your dreams and achieve your goals. With shared faith and goals, together we can make strides toward a more productive, more successful future.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the GIS Research Center, please check out our ‘Job’ bulletin and submit your resume. We will get into contact with you. We encourage you to join us!

Comprehensive training courses

  1. Boot camp
  2. Project management training courses
  3. .Internal training programs
  4. External training programs
  5. English tests
  6. On-the-job training
  7. Professional certificates