Final Lecture! Welcome to join TSU GIS Online Course

The Taiwan Space Union (TSU) works actively to promote collaboration between the academic, industry, and government sectors for various space science initiatives. Its primary goal is to secure an international leading position in the academic research field of space science, talent cultivation, and improve the value chain of the satellite industry. In recent years, TSU has offered several online courses in space remote sensing and spatial information to drive the sustainable development of space science in Taiwan.

The final lecture” Spatial application of UAV and Satellite Images” by GIS.FCU Mr. Lok-Man Chiu will go live on 20 December, from 2 to 4 pm Taiwan time zone. It will be free of charge and in the medium of English. TSU will record all lectures, allowing participants to replay at their convenience. Upon completion, TSU will issue completion certificates. Welcome to join the fields of Geographic Information and Space Science!


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